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About Us

Lian Seng Air-conditioning Pte Ltd was established since 1996. We are a BCA registered company that provides Air-con services to all industries. We mainly focus in construction sector as well as residential. Our company was founded by Mr. Chua Teik Sooi with 19 years experiences in air-conditioning industry. With our experienced technicians, we can deliver and exceed our customer’s expectation.

Spirit – Cockroach Spirit (Business Sprit)
Survived 350 million years, due to changes in the earth’s crust and bad environment, many lives disappeared but only cockroaches survived and their adaptability were becoming stronger. Foreign biologists made a conclusion based on the ecological habits of cockroaches in the event of nuclear disaster; all living beings will become extinct in the affected area, except cockroaches. Their survival capability strengthened! A cockroach can survive in a closed space, can have no food in the environment, and can be put into any place. Successful business leaders should learn the cockroach spirit and not afraid of difficulties, to seek survival in the most difficult circumstances i.e. Business spirit.  

Attitude - Working attitude, Life attitude
Appearance - Professional appearance
Service - Excellent service
Smile - Sincere smile, customer and colleague courtesy
Punctuality - Punctual at work, meeting and customer appointment
                  Continual hard working until achieve the target
Diligence - Work smart, Work efficiency
                 Respect your supervisor, Love your subordinate, People oriented
Wisdom - Company value, Personal development value

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